Don’t Always Let Them Make the First Offer

Conventional negotiating wisdom has always said to let the other person make the first offer. Maybe their offer was higher than yours. By making the first offer, you could be leaving a lot on the table….right? Robert Cialdini, the author of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, gives some insight into why you should make the first offer: “Suppose you want me to agree […]

The Psychology Behind Software Customer Support

photo by gisellecfernandes   Social Rank has a great blog post about customer support and perception vs. reality. The post references the Customer Satisfaction Equation, brought to light by David H. Maister in his brief article on the topic titled “The Psychology of Waiting Lines“. Unlike most academic publications, this eight page article cuts right to the point. As a leader […]

Lost Wallet Action Plan – What to Do When You Lose Your Wallet

  Alright, it’s gone. Deep breath. We’ll get through this.  Here’s the quick bullet list of steps to take, followed by a detailed plan. Make sure it’s really gone. If you find it, your life becomes instantly amazing. File police report Create a wallet inventory? (list of what was in your wallet) Cancel Lost Credit and […]