What I’ve Learned So Far

Something changed when I turned 30. Actually, a bunch of things changed: –My body breaks down more easily. Or as my friends joke, “my body’s 30 year warranty has expired”. –My ability to rebound from a couple drinks the night before is non-existent. –All of my friends started having babies (we start late out here […]

My Productivity Cheat Sheet

I’ve experimented with dozens of tools and tricks to stay productive. Some work great and others… not so much. Here are nine game-changing tools I use to stay productive.   My Inbox There are two types of lunatics in this world: those who keep their inbox clean and those who always have 12,000 emails. Whatever […]

9 Things I Learned From Leonardo da Vinci

  “As a well-spent day brings a happy sleep, so a well-employed life brings a happy death.” -Leonardo Da Vinci When Leonardo talks about a well-employed life, he doesn’t meant a stable job at a respected company. Instead, his maxim touches on the need to spend your time on things that truly matter. After reading Walter […]