Your Boss’s Boss

Photo by Emily Morter

It’s incredibly difficult to know when you’re in the right job — especially early in your career. 

Am I learning enough? How’s the relationship with my manager? Are my coworkers bringing out the best in me? Maybe I should just stay through the end of the year until that bonus/stock/promotion is due?

There are seemingly endless factors to consider and it can lead to analysis paralysis, unneeded stress, and just poor decisions (or all three) . To combat this predicament, I’ve found a simpler way to evaluate your future at a particular company: 

Just look at your boss’s boss. 

Are you excited to be in her shoes someday? 

If the answer is no, it’s time to start looking elsewhere. If the answer is yes, great. You’ve met the baseline requirement and can now start thinking about some of those other questions. 

I love this shortcut because it boils down several important factors into one single visualization. Learning potential, upward mobility, compensation, quality of life, and daily challenges are all included.

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