Lessons From a Street Performer

I was in the subway last week and a scruffy man was rocking out on his electric guitar. He was good so I gave him a buck. But what was different about this guy? I see solid street performers at least once a day. Why did he get my dollar?

It was his hat.

He had a massive hat flipped upside down, a few feet from his guitar amp. Think about the other street performers you see. They collect money in a small jar or cloth, making it just a bit harder to part ways with your cash. This guy removed an unneeded barrier that was between me and my dollar. I liked the song, I looked down and saw a giant hat to catch my dollar. Easy. Nothing to think about.

How can you remove needless barriers that prevent your potential customers from becoming actual customers? Having a good product isn’t enough. How can you make it easier for someone to part ways with their dollar? What’s your “big hat”?

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