Reading, Listening, Watching Vol. 1

The New York Times has a weekly “Download” feature where influencers share what they’re reading, listening, and watching.  It’s cool to see the different types of media that successful people consume and a good way to learn new things.

I’m probably a couple hundred thousand twitter followers away from reaching NYT influencer status, so I’ll be putting out my own “Reading, Listening, Watching” list every few weeks.


I like to alternate between non-fiction and fiction books to keep things interesting. The most recent fiction book I read was Echo Burning, the 5th installment from Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series. These books are an action packed, quick read.  Don’t let Tom Cruise’s mediocre depiction of Jack Reacher on the big screen fool you…Jack Reacher is a bad ass. Picture Sherlock Holmes crossed with Robin Hood crossed with Jason Bourne.


I’m not a huge podcast person (I know, I know…I need to listen to Serial) but I find myself coming back to the Tim Ferriss Podcast. I’m a big fan of Tim’s blog & books so I thought I’d give the podcast a shot. Tim is a human guinea pig, angel investor, and relentless questioner of norms. His podcast guest list is impressive and the conversations find a good balance of interesting and entertaining. Some of my favorites are the Rick Rubin (producer extraordinaire), Arnold Shwarzenegger (no intro needed), and Samy Kamkar (hacker, company founder) episodes.


I just finished watching the documentary Maidentrip, a film about Laura Dekker, a 15 year-old who filmed herself sailing around the world. In the process she became the youngest person ever to circumnavigate the earth solo on a sailboat. The journey took two years so you end up watching her grow up on screen and it’s amazing how mature she is for only 15 years of age. It’s inspiring to witness her courage as she tackles such an expedition.

What are you reading, listening, and watching?

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