Phones, Mics, and Ads (Oh My!)

“Ummm…I just saw an ad for Legos and we were just talking about them last night. My phone is definitely listening and showing ads based on what I’ve said!” Sound familiar? It has all the facets of a modern blockbuster thriller: a big, evil technology company listening to our private conversations and using them against […]

Guest Post @ Operative’s Op-Ed

Check out my recent guest post over at Operative’s Op-Ed blog about working with another company’s API: Vetting an Ad Tech Partner’s API: Are You Asking the Right Questions?        

Twitter Advertising: Sneak Peek

Back in June, I got a sneak peek into Twitter’s new advertising platform. American Express ran a $100 free Twitter advertising promotino when you signed up for Twitter ads with your Amex Card. Smart promotion by Amex. By throwing you $100 (likely an amount split with Twitter), your credit card is set as the default […]