The Psychology Behind Software Customer Support

photo by gisellecfernandes   Social Rank has a great blog post about customer support and perception vs. reality. The post references the Customer Satisfaction Equation, brought to light by David H. Maister in his brief article on the topic titled “The Psychology of Waiting Lines“. Unlike most academic publications, this eight page article cuts right to the point. As a leader […]

Dreamforce 2013 Speaking Recap

  I had the pleasure of speaking at Dreamforce 2013, the world’s largest software conference (140,ooo+ participants) hosted by Salesforce in San Francisco. Alongside Elias Dayeh (Motorola) and Kevin Dowdell (Allergan), our session “Goodbye Spreadsheets, Hello Automation” highlighted companies who have built automation applications on the Salesforce platform. The session was fully booked at 500 people and was comprised of […]