New Google Privacy Policy Ad Campaign

Spotted on Manhattan’s downtown 6 train this weekend: Google ad campaign explaining why collecting personal data makes their services better.



“Spot the difference? Were you looking for a beetle that beeps or a beetle that buzzes? When you type in beetle we can guess you meant the car and not the insect if you’ve searched for cars recently. It makes things a little bit quicker and a whole lot easier for you. Which is good to know. To find out more about how Google uses information to make the web more useful go to


It’s no coincidence this campaign was timed with Google’s privacy policy overhaul which goes into effect March 1st. The new policy has been getting mixed reviews from the public and media and this campaign is a brilliant way to proactively put context around the changes. Lets face it, no one is going to read the new privacy policy. Google knew the policy change would get negative press and these ads show people how they use data to improve products. Now when someone sees a news story or article about the changes, they’ll think “yeah, but Google uses that to make my life easier”.

Check out the full ad campaign. 

Smart move by Google and their ad agency to anticipate public reaction and craft an ad campaign to steer the conversation.


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