Don’t Wait Until You’re Walking Out the Door

The most meaningful things are said in the doorway as we’re about to leave. In passing. When we’re leaving a long dinner with friends, after a weekend with our parents, or in the hallway after a meeting.

“I really appreciate your support in getting through that tough time”

“Thanks for teaching me good values”

“Good job on that project. It’s your best work.”

Why do we wait until we’re walking out the door to say how we really feel? It’s easier. Our comments have less gravity when we say it in passing. There’s no time for a deep conversation on the topic if we’re about to hop in the car. It comes across as more casual when we say it as we’re putting on our coats.

When we delay saying how we feel, we’re denying a heartfelt conversation and stifling the relationship. So say it now. Tell your friend what you’re thinking during appetizers. Call your parents and say what’s on your mind. Walk over to your coworkers desk and give her feedback. Don’t wait until you’re walking out the door.

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